Shapes That Shape Minds


What is WordParts?

WordParts is a product that teachers and parents can use to teach children parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing techniques. The cornerstone of our solution is the use of 3D shapes to represent parts of speech. The tactile nature of using 3D shapes improves students' cognitive skills helping them retain and recall learned information.

Who is WordParts for?

WordParts is designed for children who want to learn English Language Structure. It's also for the parents, teachers and others who will deliver the training.

What grades does WordParts work with?

The initial release of WordParts will be for Kindergarten. Future releases will include curriculum for grades K-6 with 7-12 following next.

Does WordParts follow a curriculum?

WordParts includes activities and assessments that are consistent with many curriculums in use today. To insure completeness, WordParts assures consistency with the Common Core State Standards.

How do I know how my students are progressing with WordParts?

Reports are developed to give teachers a status of individual student progress. Our custom dashboard indicates student performance.

How do I order WordParts?

You can order WordParts online  here or by contacting us directly at 970-388-3687