Instructor Pack Kindergarten (Monthly subscription)

Instructor Pack Kindergarten (Monthly subscription)

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List Price: $ 34.99

Sale Price: $ 34.99

Kindergarten Instructor Pack

Everything you need in a monthly subscription to teach Kindergarten

Please add one WordParts Kit 1's to your order

(We suggest you add one for the teacher as well.)

  • Fully digital, teach in-class or virtual or both

  • Save time, full complement of lesson plans

  • Slides, animations, and student assessments



Pack Contains:

  • PowerPoint show slide set
    • Powerful animated instructor lesson plans
      • Links to instructor animations
    • Kindergarten Instructor Guide
      • Complete, formatted guide
        • Detailed Unit and Lesson Plans
    • Printable Flash Cards
      • Temporary shape kit
      • Shape definitions
  • Wordparts Access Service
    • 1 Student Access
    • 1 Instructor Access
    • Membership Area
      • Download files
      • Tips & techniques


Sample Instructor We-do Link