Shapes That Shape Minds


What is a good curriculum?


Curriculum is one of the three tiers of WordParts. Next Generation Systems partnered with several English Language Structure specialists who represent years of experience in the classroom and in administration

Importantly, our curriculum has all the components of a world-class curriculum:

  • It works for all ages and all abilities, K-12.
  • It takes the abstract concept of grammar and turns it into something concrete that students can get their hands on and wrap their brains around? It makes sense.
  • It follows an exquisitely constructed, step-by-step approach and unfolds grammar in a logical progression which builds from one topic to another.
  • Combined with WordParts, it taps into visual/spatial, verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythmic, logical/mathematical, bodily/kinesthetic, inter and intra personal ways of learning.
  • Using it consumes minimal class time.
  • It doesn’t require homework.
  • It benchmarks directly and effectively supports the current emphasis on The Common CORE State Standards (CCSS).
  • It improves student writing by providing opportunities for students to recognize language components and constructions and then use them to make their writing more effective.
  • It is: painless to teach and painless to learn.


Kindergarten (and future grade implementations) provide a comprehensive set of tools..

Instructor Pack

Pack Contains:

PowerPoint show slide set

  • Powerful animated instructor lesson plans
    • Links to instructor animations
  • Kindergarten Instructor Guide
    • Complete, formatted guide
      • Detailed Unit and Lesson Plans
  • Printable Flash Cards
    • Temporary shape kit
    • Shape definitions

Wordparts Access Service

  • 1 Student Access
  • 1 Instructor Access
  • Membership Area
    • Download files
    • Tips & techniques

The instructor pack can be ordered on a subscription basis.

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We also have a complimentary Kindergarten noun product.

Take a look at our sample Instructor guide.