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WordParts - an effective tool for the home and classroom.


WordParts is a product that helps children learn to communicate and collaborate effectively. Designed to model the common "I do, We do, You do" teaching model, WordParts provides products that parents can use to teach children parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing techniques.

The cornerstone of our solution is the use of 3D shapes to represent parts of speech. The tactile nature of using 3D shapes improves students' cognitive skills helping them retain and recall learned information.



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A more involved membership would be to help review and provide feedback about WordParts as we continue our development. This “Feedback Group”, will not only give you important input into our future designs, but include a 10% discount on future products. All that is required is a review and completion of a simple survey – from you – or your child. 

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WordParts provides everything a student needs to learn parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing. Our first product for Kindergarten is available now!!


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